• Why I Hate Recruiters – By a Recruiter

    Adrian O'Connor - December 17 2015
    Recruiters are everywhere, in every market, and much of the time, up in your business. We all know the adjectives that get bandied around about the salesy, greedy, overpaid “Consultants” who are only out to make the placement and get the money, and if you’ve been in the industry for any length of time chances are you could name some of these people. Below are the 5 main reasons I hate recruiters.


  • Why do people fail at interviews?

    Adrian O'Connor - December 15 2015
    You have the experience. It’s a natural step up for you. You’re really excited. For once, the Recruiter has hit the nail on the head and found you the perfect role. So why do you leave the interview feeling like you missed the mark? Worse still, why did the feedback come back saying that you weren’t quite strong enough?
    There are definite themes in the reasons candidates fall down at interviews, some of which are understandable – and some unforgivable. Here is a selection of the most common and most easily addressed.


  • Are you happy in your current role? More importantly, should you be?

    Adrian O'Connor - December 10 2015
    Back in the day – before the Internet, before Recruiters, when there was less choice – workers were company loyal. They stuck around, gave 30 years’ service, got gold watches. There are pros and cons to this, but the information age has definitely changed this behaviour by providing greater visibility of alternatives and greater access to change.