• Autumn Statement: what it means for management accountants

    Adrian O'Connor - November 25 2016

    Autumn Statement: What It Means for Management Accountants

    The status and success of any company rests on the shoulders of a shrewd accountancy team, and the ability to reap the benefits – and minimise the risks – associated with ongoing changes in legislation is key to the personal success of any accounting professional.
    Aside from the headline announcement that UK businesses are now set to become the lowest corporation tax rate payers in the G20, Philip Hammond’s first, and only, Autumn Statement offered CFOs and their teams plenty more to consider as 2017 strategy is finalised.


  • Keeping your foot on the accelerator: the value of CPD in accountancy

    Adrian O'Connor - November 18 2016
    CPD in Accountancy
    Accounting is a live profession which is constantly evolving in line with external factors and organisational demand. With this in mind, the results from our latest Salary Insights report, produced in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), are no surprise.


  • Why Employee Engagement Matters: the measurable impact

    Adrian O'Connor - November 17 2016

    Employee Engagement - Measurable Impact

    According to research-based consultancy Gallup, just 13% of employees worldwide are fully engaged in their roles. Thankfully, our research shows that the UK & Ireland accountancy sector is faring much better – but there is still room for improvement.