• How to keep your employees successfully engaged

    Adrian O'Connor - December 19 2016
    How to Keep your Employees Engaged
    The notion that employee attitudes and behaviours have an impact on productivity and overall performance is by no means a recent revelation. However, with the shifting nature of the workplace, HR professionals are facing an increasing number of complex challenges. Engaging with leading accounting talent has swiftly moved up the strategic agenda – but why should motivating and engaging employees matter more now than ever?


  • Making your organisational values count

    Adrian O'Connor - December 6 2016

    Organisational Values

    Today, multinationals and SMEs alike publically showcase their corporate values in the hope that the words alone will differentiate their brand from their competitors. However, while no one is disputing the hard work that goes into crafting these statements, they are absolutely worthless unless they are lived and embodied by your team.

    As the practice of developing corporate values has become more commonplace, it seems that the reasons behind the process can be forgotten. Organisational values should not be purely aspirational or a marketing stunt; they must be truly authentic to really count. It is crucial that they are reflected throughout the organisation and overlap the behaviours of employees, or trust and integrity can quickly be lost. (more…)