• Accountant jobs overseas: what you need to know

    Adrian O'Connor - March 29 2017

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    While many professionals dream of expanding their skill-sets with jobs overseas, the prospect of getting qualified in a new territory can often be a barrier to making it happen. However, for qualified accountants looking to experience life in a new country, getting the green light to practice internationally may be easier than you think.


  • What does gender pay reporting mean for accountants?

    Adrian O'Connor - March 10 2017

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    With International Women’s Day having taken place earlier this week, there is arguably no more pertinent time to discuss the importance of women in leadership and the gender pay gap. Numerous studies prove that companies with females in senior management roles have a clear competitive edge. When senior leaders are too alike, they are more likely to share one common perspective and address challenges in the same way, while by contrast, diverse executive teams are more likely to innovate and be successful. But what does gender pay disclosure mean for the profession?


  • Why company culture matters

    Adrian O'Connor - March 3 2017

    Why does company culture matter?
    Following an experiment using comedy and snacks, the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy concluded that happiness makes people 12% more productive at work while unhappy workers are 10% less productive. What’s more, companies with happy employees are said to outperform the competition by 20%. However, despite this evidence, research consultancy Gallup has found that just 13% of employees are engaged globally. Company culture matters, and the ability to engage employees effectively is a valuable asset for any organisation.