• How to prepare for interviews more effectively

    Adrian O'Connor - April 20 2017


    While few organisations have recruitment processes as complex and challenging as the likes of household names from Silicon Valley, it’s fair to say that businesses are increasingly putting management accountants through their professional paces during interviews. In an increasingly competitive talent market, organisations are looking to find the best suited candidate who can demonstrate the full extent of their knowledge and experience. So how can you prepare for interviews more effectively?


  • Why accountants need to be embracing automation

    Adrian O'Connor - April 13 2017

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    Finance functions are under significant pressure across all industries to reduce costs and support decreasing margins, improve the volumes and quality of information provided, and arguably most importantly, to focus on delivery of value adding insights to the business. So it is somewhat unsurprising, in light of mounting pressures, that many accountants are coming to realise the benefits of embracing automation and adopting AI programmes.


  • What does the apprenticeship levy mean for the accountancy profession?

    Adrian O'Connor - April 11 2017

    GAN Blog Featured Image Template 10Business leaders at organisations with payrolls over £3m per year will no doubt all be preparing for the implementation of the Apprenticeship Levy, which was first announced in the 2015 Summer Budget, and is set to come into effect on 6th April. As most finance professionals will already be aware, the levy requires the UK’s largest employers to invest in apprenticeships. But how can accounting functions make the levy work in their favour, and use it to help address ongoing skills shortages?