• Major corporate tax treaty will help prevent “treaty shopping”

    Adrian O'Connor - June 29 2017

    Seventy countries have confirmed that they will sign a significant tax treaty, which may result in tax rises in several countries around the world, in a move designed to prevent so called “treaty shopping”. But what does this mean for accountants on the ground?


  • Cyber-attacks: what threats does this pose accountants?

    Adrian O'Connor - June 23 2017

    As the NHS reels from the aftermath of the recent cyber-attack, which saw 200,000 computers attacked in over 150 countries, it’s clear that the need to implement secure cyber security protocols is of paramount importance.   Businesses across all sectors will need to work quickly to ensure they remain protected against future attacks. And for many this will mean upgrading their systems as necessary. So what does this mean for accountants?