• Accountants’ productivity boosted by training and development

    Adrian O'Connor - August 18 2017

    Accountants productivity

    Figures published by the Office for National Statistics show that once again, Britain is facing a productivity crisis. Measured by output per hour, productivity shrank 0.5% in the three months to March 2017, compared to the previous quarter. After no growth in almost a decade, this is a worrying time for the UK as it heads towards Brexit. So how are accountants’ productivity levels affected?


  • Are you concerned about access to talent post-Brexit?

    Adrian O'Connor - August 14 2017

    For many business leaders, the uncertainty surrounding the exact nature of Brexit continues to hang in the air on a number of different levels with an exodus of talent being mooted across the board. A new survey from Deloitte finds that 36% of non-British workers based here are considering leaving the country in the next five years. Thus access to talent post-Brexit remains a burning issue for those engaged in hiring and accessing financial professionals. The dilemma of how their future recruitment policies will be affected, certainly in the short to medium term, continues to remain unclear.