Candidate Charter

As a specialist in matching top candidates with finance & accounting and change & transformation roles within great companies, we don’t sit back and wait for opportunities to appear.

If you are a great candidate, we’ll take the time to understand you and your aspirations and put a plan together. Then we will proactively network through a specific list of employers on your behalf to open doors and find you your ideal opportunities. The employment market is highly competitive, and we’re on your side to help you beat the competition and find the role which best suits you.


To manage your expectations of the service you will receive from us, and to understand what we expect from you in return, we have developed our ten point Candidate Charter:

  1. Meeting you: To assess which organisation you are best suited to, we meet every candidate we represent and interview you as a prospective employer would
  2. Understanding you: We start by understanding your needs, long-term goals and areas for development in order to help plan your next strategic career move effectively
  3. Assessing you: We evaluate your skills, achievements, culture and fit so we understand how your capabilities will benefit your prospective employer
  4. Creating your plan: We will set very clear expectations of our performance and endeavour to meet them. If we don’t feel we can help you, we will be honest and tell you
  5. Protecting you: None of your personal information is ever released and is only sent to an employer once we have your express permission
  6. Informing you: You will receive all the information you will need about each opportunity to enable you to decide whether you wish to progress to interview stage
  7. Preparing you: The quality of your interview briefing will maximise your chances of being awarded the role. We will thoroughly prepare you and provide you with a highly in-depth briefing prior to your interview
  8. Debriefing you: Whatever the outcome of your interview, we will provide you with the employer’s feedback, and we want to learn about your experience
  9. Updating you: Market conditions change regularly which will impact on your attractiveness and suitability for specific roles, so we will keep you updated
  10. Respecting you: Your calls will always be returned and we will always do what we say we will do. This is part of our core values and recruiter care. If for any reason beyond our control we can’t, we will tell you.

Our role is to help you to win the role you are targeting. You may not be successful first time with every application that you submit, but we aim to ensure you still benefit from the experience. And you will be joining our extended network of people who we encourage to interact, exchange contacts, and share knowledge.

Can’t find what you are looking for, or want to talk to one of our consultants about your next career move or assignment? Contact us now.