Value Added Services

“Competency-based interviews ask you about specific behaviours, but the trick is to relate those behaviours to the tangible benefits you have delivered to your existing and past employers.”

Securing your next position means marketing a product – you – to your target employer using your CV and interview.


You only have a short window for your CV to seize the attention of a potential employer, and your CV could be one of dozens being reviewed for the role you want. Many candidates create their CV as a ‘responsibility’ based document, saying what job they did and when they did it. But the executives reviewing your CV will know what a Management Accountant or Business Change Partner does. What they’re really interested in is what you have delivered during your current and previous role that is relevant to their hiring needs. This is what will differentiate your CV from the other ten the hiring manager has seen that morning.

Once we have helped identify your goals, or if you are applying for a specific assignment, we will assist you with creating a CV designed to get you the job that you want, not just exhibit the job that you do. You will need to write a CV that will detail the specific skills, capabilities and experience you have that make you ideal for the role. Your bespoke CV will also describe relevant tangible achievements, explaining what you achieved, over what timescales and how that benefitted your employer.



If your highly targeted CV has won you the interview, your next challenge will be to demonstrate that you have the capabilities for the role, and have performed the same or similar tasks in your current and previous role. As with your CV, your preparation for a competency-based interview will require you to think about your achievements and be able to relate what tangible results you delivered, and how they may benefit your prospective employer.

During a competency-based interview, the employer will ask you what skills and experience you have, and where you have exhibited or used those skills to deliver benefits to the business you currently work for, and examples from previous employers. We have a guide to competency-based interviews, and your consultant will hold an interview preparation telephone call or meeting with you to ensure you are fully prepared.

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