Case Studies

Every organisation’s talent sourcing needs are different.

That’s why we develop a bespoke talent sourcing plan that is designed to help you achieve your business objectives through the people that you hire. Each of the following case studies illustrates how we understood the challenges facing our clients, created a solution and implemented the talent search campaign that benefits our client’s business. If you would like to know more about how we can help you to meet your talent resourcing needs, then contact us.

  • Board-Level International Placements to Enable the Delivery of Business Plan

    The Challenge

    We met this client through a referral from previous PE-Backed clients. They had a phenomenal business model to capitalise on and needed several board members to help deliver this business plan. We were retained on this search to map out the industry and ensure that the right board level candidates were brought in for such an important and crucial stage in the business. Due to it being such a critical point of their growth, we had to get this right first-time and as swiftly as possible.

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  • Multiple difficult roles for a leading global FTSE 15 corporation

    Several years ago, we first made speculative contact with a Finance VP of this leading global FTSE 15 corporation. Following the call, we were offered a challenge: fill a director of treasury accounting position that had remained unfilled for over a year.

    In less than a week, we had located three candidates from our extensive network of finance professionals who were ready for interview. We met the challenge and filled the role. As a result, the VP referred us to FD/CFO colleagues in divisions throughout the global business. This immediately resulted in four more... read more

  • CFO for the largest independent film production company in Germany

    The CEO of Germany’s largest independent film production and distribution company was seeking a new CFO. Due to the specialised nature of media financing and taxation in Germany, the new CFO would require specific industry experience.

    We were invited to pitch for the retained assignment against locally-based recruiters. As a result of our credibility and innovative approach, we won the retained assignment.

    Our first step was for our bilingual team of a Consultant and Researcher to map the German media market to locate suitable candidates at the right level, and also with... read more

  • Management Accountant for a Global Sports Media Company

    This client is a global sports media company with a distinctive identity, operating model and culture. They needed to hire a high-calibre finance professional, ideally from one of the Big Four audit firms, who could seamlessly fit into one of its teams.

    They had interviewed multiple candidates over a two month period but had so far been unable to find a candidate who shared the same cultural values and who was of sufficient calibre. When we were asked to help them find suitable candidates, our first step was to meet the team, understand... read more

  • First port of call for a Global Retailer

    Talent is a scarce resource and even the most successful companies in the world find it hard to secure the best people.

    Global Accounting Network is a preferred supplier to one of the most iconic brands in the world who are notorious for their extremely high entry standards and rigorous screening processes. Having spent some time getting to know the client well, our fill rate is now the best of their suppliers and we are able to deliver both permanent and interim hires from few CV submissions.

    In fact, we have developed... read more


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