CFO for the largest independent film production company in Germany

The CEO of Germany’s largest independent film production and distribution company was seeking a new CFO. Due to the specialised nature of media financing and taxation in Germany, the new CFO would require specific industry experience.

We were invited to pitch for the retained assignment against locally-based recruiters. As a result of our credibility and innovative approach, we won the retained assignment.

Our first step was for our bilingual team of a Consultant and Researcher to map the German media market to locate suitable candidates at the right level, and also with the skills and experience the client needed. This process generated a long-list of 15 candidates. Our Consultant travelled to Germany to conduct multiple competency-based interviews and to secure references. This resulted in a shortlist of candidates for interviews with the client.

The final step involved our Consultant running interview sessions in Munich and Berlin between the client and shortlisted candidates. The position was filled by the first candidate offered the role in a process that took three months from start to finish. The new CFO has gone on to become essential and integral to ongoing success of the business and the business has been involved in some blockbusting films.

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