Assessment Days

“We deliver an 90% fill rate on assessment days”

Your timescales may be tight and you need a candidate to start quickly.

Or you may wish to manage the interview process outside of a normal office environment, somewhere neutral for you and the candidate and away from distraction and bustle. To meet these challenges, we can host candidate Assessment Days. This approach is also advantageous when the market is busy and any delays in the talent search process risks you losing the best candidates.

Typically when recruiting you are even busier than usual, so we recommend following the Assessment Day approach that we have developed. It requires 60 minutes of your time in advance, and then a morning or afternoon to conduct initial interviews. You then progress two to three people to second interview. This means you can block out your diary, dedicate specific time and focus to the task at hand, and get all the interviews complete within a space of a few hours.

1.  Our consultant will sit with you for a 60 minute briefing on the role, company, candidate specification, culture and so on, and to agree the action plan
2.  We use our network, our existing candidate pool and our headhunting resources to identify the best candidates
3.  All of the candidates are met by your dedicated Consultant, and then screened, competency interviewed and reference checked against your requirements
4.  We arrange an assessment half-day for you to meet four to six candidates back to back. We recommend doing this in our boardroom to get you away from the distractions of your day job
5.  The best two to three candidates progress to final interview

We find that this approach benefits you by removing much of the effort on your part. The initial briefing needs to be good and you need to be satisfied that we have a thorough understanding of who you require. That way you can stop reviewing CVs and screening on paper – that’s our job. When we implement this model we have a fill rate of over 90% from first shortlist and we invest a great deal of our time making sure you only see the right group of candidates.

To find out more about our methods and how your talent search can benefit from our expert tailored approach, contact us now.