Retained or Contingent Search

“We deliver a 95% fill rate on retained search”

When you have a specific talent requirement that needs dedicated talent search resource, we offer a retained service.

Run as a project with specific timelines and deliverables, when engaged in this way, you receive dedicated time from our team so we can map your target market and invest time working through your vertical and horizontal segments. This in-depth analysis will result in:

  • Taking, or assisting you with developing, your brief and job specification, specifying exactly the skills, capabilities and experience you are seeking
  • A list of the top people in that field meeting the specification
  • CV reviews
  • A long-list of potential candidates
  • A detailed shortlist with a report on each candidate
  • Pre-screening candidate interviews, if required
  • Exclusive rights to the candidates generated.

Our contingent search services are results-based, offering you support with developing your job description, candidate search, selection and interviews.

To find out more about our methods and how your talent search can benefit from our expert tailored approach, contact us now.