Specialist Partner Visits

There may be occasions when you are facing a particular challenge or specific issues and you want to explore your options.

This could be a problem with a systems implementation, a transformation project or an IFRS conversion issue. Whatever your problem, we will often know a candidate who is a subject matter expert in that area.

A Specialist Partner Visit is when we organise a two-hour three-way brainstorm between you, the expert and one of our consultants on the subject that is causing your challenge. Through the discussion our subject matter expert will cast a critical eye on the challenge or issue, offer some initial guidance and try to cut to the nub of the problems. Often this will result in an engagement of some sort, where the expert can provide interim help to resolve the issues. At the very least the client will gain some free advice and each party makes a good contact in the industry. The network grows.

To find out more about a Specialist Partner Visit, our methods and how your talent search can benefit from our expert tailored approach, contact us now.