Working Interviews

“We deliver 97% success rate through working interviews”

A key feature of an interim is their ability to start delivering on their contract from day one and integrate seamlessly into any team.

Interims also become very good at interviews because they interview so regularly. A working interview enables you to see exactly how an interim behaves on their first day and to try out their skills before you commit to a contract.

A working interview is effectively a one-day trial. The candidate will arrive onsite, receive a briefing and be introduced to the team that they could be working with, and deliver what they can in a day. You can see the interim in action interacting with your team, evaluate the culture fit and therefore reduce your risk of recruiting the wrong candidate. If the interim is right for you, the trial is treated as the first day of the contract.

In the unusual event that the interim is not right for your business, we will find someone else who does not have the shortfalls you identified in the first interim. Working interviews account for 25% of all of our interim placements, and once a client has tried the approach, they tend to conduct a working interview every time. The option is attractive to the candidate because they have exclusive access to you for a day. Of the interims who go through this process, 97% are hired and complete their contract.

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