• Consultant of the Year 2014

    Adrian O'Connor - February 19 2015

    We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our Executive Consultants upon receiving the Consultant of the Year 2014 award. Following an exceptionally successful year, the Team member was given this accolade for their contribution to the Group and to the Company. Our CEO, Adrian O’Connor flew the both of them out to Norway for an adrenaline... read more

  • Leadenhall Market Pancake Race Winners 2015

    Adrian O'Connor - February 18 2015

    We won!

    The uneven cobbled floor and 14 rival teams were no match for our determined Big Four – Adrian, Hugh, Christian and Ayse – as the speedy quartet battled through four frenzied heats and came out victorious. The relay race showcased their teamwork, aerodynamics and composure after being the only team not to drop their pancakes. After going in... read more

  • Global Accounting Network are now members of APSCo

    Adrian O'Connor - January 23 2015

    We are delighted to announce that APSCo has certified our efforts and Recruitment expertise by rewarding us with its stamp of approval.  This came after an extensive application process which required candidate and client testimonials from our professional network.  We view our association with APSCo as an excellent fit as we share their values regarding relationships based on trust and... read more

  • Seasonal Variations Or A Trend To Watch..?

    Adrian O'Connor - December 8 2014

    Interesting statistics from last month, based on the hiring survey by the REC and KPMG. Typically November is one of the busiest months of the year, as clients try to nail down their new hires before the silly season starts. If this is the start of a more long term slow down, what does it mean for candidates and clients?

    ... read more
  • Client News – Azubu

    Adrian O'Connor - November 19 2014

    In a recent press release, the Global Accounting Network-placed CEO of e-sports leader AZUBU talks excitedly about developments in the sector and within AZUBU specifically. Ian’s placement was the result of a retained search with the PE firm Sapinda, through which they hired two board members. Ian has worked tirelessly for 12 months to build the business into a fantastic... read more