Privacy Policy

We are currently in the process of preparing for the requirements of the GDPR which comes into force on 25th May 2018. We have engaged a GDPR advisory team who specialise in preparing recruitment businesses and agencies.

We are fully aware of the implications of the GDPR and are actively engaged in a programme to assess and mitigate the risks that we create for others by processing their personal data.

Confidentiality and trust are already key aspects and are integral to our business.  We believe that the intent of the GDPR to ensure transparency, fairness and an increased confidence in the security of the data for the individuals whose data we hold as a positive step.

Preparing for the requirements of the GDPR by 25th May 2018 has high priority in the business and has the full support of the management team/board.  Our current Privacy Policy is below:


Why do we have a privacy policy?

Global Accounting Network is committed to privacy for everyone who we work with. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we must comply with certain requirements which are designed to ensure that any Data you provide to us is processed with due care and attention.

What sort of data do we collect?

Global Accounting Network collects Personal Data about you to help in the Recruitment Process and for administrative purposes. This Data consists of information including your name, address, e-mail address, work and education history, plus details of your eligibility to work, and any other data we receive from you. We only store provided data that is relevant to our purposes.

Why do we process this personal data?

We process this Personal Data as necessary to aid the Recruitment Process, to provide our services to you and to market products and services to you as well as advise you of news and industry updates, events, promotions and competitions (where we do use your information to market further products and services to you, you will be able to unsubscribe from such communications).

Why do we collect and process sensitive personal data?

We collect and process Sensitive Personal Data only so far as is necessary and in compliance with all applicable legislation. By using the Website and by registering your details with us, you consent to us collecting and processing Sensitive Personal Data supplied by you and disclosing this information to prospective employers or clients in connection with the Recruitment Process.

Do we pass data to third parties?

We may pass Personal Data to Third Parties that help us to process Personal Data, or to prospective or intended employers or clients for the purpose of recruitment.

How is this data safeguarded?

The security of your Data is extremely important to us. Access to your Personal Data is only provided to our staff and Third Parties who help us to process data, or to prospective employers or clients in order to help with the Recruitment Process.

How do we let you know if our policy changes?

Any policy changes, either due to business reasons or future changes in legislation, will be posted on this page and, if substantial, may be promoted on the Website or through e-mail notification.

How do you remove your name from the database or unsubscribe from future mailings?

You can contact us to request for your status and record to be changed at any time, or to be opted out of our marketing emails, which will be confirmed by Global Accounting Network within 48 hours of your request.

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Data – information which is being processed by equipment operating automatically in response to instructions given for that purpose, is recorded with the intention that it should be processed by means of such equipment, is recorded as part of a relevant filing system or with the intention that it should form part of a relevant filing system or forms part of an accessible record.

Data Protection Act 1998 – this is the act of Parliament which set out principles relating to the use of data to ensure that the rights of the person who is the subject of the data are protected under the law.

Personal data – data which relates to a living individual who can be identified from those data, or from those data and other information which is in the possession of, or is likely to come into the possession of, Global Accounting Network.

Privacy policy – this statement by Global Accounting Network which explains the ways that we try to protect our Users’ privacy.

Recruitment process – the process of gaining employment and recruiting new staff and the ongoing administrative process involved once a user has gained employment or recruited new staff.

Sensitive personal data – personal data consisting of information as to the racial or ethnic origin of the data subject, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, membership of a trade union, physical or mental health or condition, sexual life, the commission or alleged commission of any offence or any proceedings related to any offence.

Third Parties – these are companies and people other than Global Accounting Network and the group of companies of which it is part.

Users – people who register their details with us for the purposes of recruitment, either to gain employment or for the purposes of recruiting new staff.