Finance Business Analyst, International Retailer

April 27 2016

Global Accounting Network provide me with a brilliant service, finding out in great detail what I’m looking for and making sure they fully understand what my needs are. I met with them and we went through my experience so they can accurately represent what my abilities are, what kind of person I am, and be able to accordingly match me to the right roles and employers. I feel as if they take great care in only showing me relevant roles that I would both enjoy and succeed in.

I find it interesting that they put together a plan to approach companies on my behalf that I want to work for, whether there is an open job there or not – something I haven’t seen other recruiters do. They also invited me to attend an event they ran celebrating diversity in the workplace, and this allowed me to network with people I wouldn’t normally be able to get the opportunity to meet. I feel included in a network where I have the chance to hear about and be represented in roles that I wouldn’t usually have access to, and this has proven very useful.

It has felt like a very personalised service from the start and they are always a phone call or coffee away if needed. They keep in constant touch, thoroughly preparing me for interviews and sharing their market knowledge with me, such as the CIMA Salary Survey results. They explained the findings to me in great detail, and the survey has helped me to work out what kind of salary I should be looking for in different industries and what kind of questions I should be asking employers.

They make themselves available late into the evening outside the usual business hours and this helps where I’m juggling my job search and a full-time job. They take the time to ensure I’m comfortable with interviews, and give very candid and honest feedback which helps me to learn from the experience. I feel like they show a high level of care in my job search, and this sets them apart from other agencies I have used.